Fortis™ access chamber

The FORTIS™ Access Chamber System is a cutting edge design which uses high quality re-constituted and re-cycled composite polymer materials.

It offers network owners and utility companies alike the ability to construct network access points consistently and quickly to a higher quality than traditional methods. Whilst reducing costs at the time of installation as well as the whole of life of the product.


Benefits of a FORTIS™ Access Chamber

  • Light: Weighing less than 25kgs, the FORTIS™ Access Chamber system can be carried, handled and installedby hand without the need for lifting equipment.
  • Strong: The structural twin wall design of the FORTIS™, means it is capable of supporting vertical loads in excess of 40 tonnes (ABNT NBR-10160 D400) without the need for a concrete surround. Loads comparable with concrete.
  • Fast: Everything about the design of the FORTIS™ is targeted at speed of construction. Sections are simply built one on top of another until the desired depth is reached.
  • Logistics: A unique design feature of the FORTIS™ is that it can be partially made into ring sections at our factory with the component parts required to finish the other sections and to complete the chamber, flat-packed inside.
  • Quality of product:  Produced on precision tooling from high quality recycled composite polymers. Consistently produced under tight processes in our ISO9001:2008 certified factory. Regular in-house product testing.
  • Quality of supply:  As important as the quality of our product, we also understand the importance in quality of your supply. As projects are constantly plagued by the inability of material suppliers to keep pace with the demand.
  • Environment:  Preservation and improvement of our environment are key goals of CivilsNet. The FORTIS™ system scores highly here over traditional methods.

Civilsnet commercial brochure


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Key Features

√ 150mm sections

√ Sections stack on each other to depth required

√ Structural twin wall design

√ Independently strong; minimum 40 tonne loading does not require concrete support

√ All parts weigh less than 25kg

√ Huge size range

√ Keys to surround and surface frame; ribs on the outside, grooves on top

√ Smooth, rib free internal walls

√ Compatible with existing surface covers and accessories

√ Flat pack component design

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