Complimenting our FORTIS™ chamber range are our surface covers and frames. Certificated to BR**** Classes A15, B125 and D400

Offered in various materials to match customers needs and footway or roadway surfaces.



Ductile iron
B125 and D400 loadings
Galvanised steel frames


CutThrough_Recess_Cover_AConcrete Infilled steel
B125 loadings
Galvanised steel frames


ExplodedRecess_CoverRecessed steel trays
B125 and C250 loadings
Galvanised steel frames

Cover options


All covers can be badged to suit operator needs in addition we have the following main variants:

– Frame Options

Standard frames are designed to be fixed on top of the chamber with mortar but offer no physical link to the chamber itself.

Our drop frames provide a link by having part of the frame drop down inside of the chamber preventing lateral movement of the frame from the chamber. The drop skirt can also be provided with holes for fixing it with bolts or screws to the top of the FORTIS™ chamber.

– Security

Fixing down the cover to the surface frame and the frame to the chamber is key to chamber security.Penta_Bolts_

Covers are secured by use of a simple secure headed bolt. These can be tailored to be unique for each operator.

Frames can also be fixed to the top of our FORTIS™ chamber

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