CivilsNet will release its FORTIS drainage troughs during NT Expo 2016

The new products will be part of the line of innovative solutions, intended for infrastructure construction and underground network access

 In the coming 8, 9 and 10 of November, CivilsNet will be participating in NT Expo – Business on Rails, the main South American event for the subway and railroad industry. At the company’s stand (number 130), visitors will know the new FORTIS drainage trough, developed to render more efficient and faster the construction and drainage of underground networks.

The FORTIS drainage troughs are produced at the company’s factory, located in the city of Colombo (Paraná State, Brazil), and use a high-quality compound polymer as the key raw material. They will be available from the beginning of 2017 and will be manufactured first with the 600 x 500 x 1000 mm dimensions. Other dimensions can be developed to meet specific market demands.calha-para-drenagem

Other products of the FORTIS line will be exhibited too: access boxes and covers, cable troughs and road ducts. The FORTIS solutions provide contractors, network owners and utility companies with the ability of building traffic signaling, drainage systems and access points to power and telecommunications networks in a faster, safer and higher quality way when compared to traditional methods, thus avoiding waste and inefficiency.

About other products of the FORTIS line

Access boxes and covers

The structural design, with twin walls, imparts strength and lightness to FORTIS access boxes. Weighing less than 25 kg, they are capable of withstanding vertical loads up to 40 tons, eliminating the need of structural reinforcements.

They can be carried, transported, handled and installed without the need of heavy equipment, reducing costs and installation time, and making the whole process safer – which avoids the risks of major accidents.

The boxes are delivered in a near ready-to-use condition. The base and the modular (ring) sections are mounted one on top of another, until the desired depth is reached. This feature offers three great advantages: agility, easier logistics (flat pack) and safety to meet deadlines – as they do not depend on environmental conditions to dry, thanks to their readiness.


Cable Troughs

The simple and fast installation is also a key feature of FORTIS cable troughs – which are ideal for traffic signaling lines, as well as power and telecommunications cables, even on irregular grounds.

Their structural design, with horizontal segments and no joints, makes them more resistant and highly stable, and also an excellent protection against external factors. If needed, they can be laid above ground with the use of specific fastening nails. As to the cover mechanism, which opens individually, makes the access and future line maintenance easier.


Duct Vias

Manufactured with high density polyethylene, they are an excellent option to build networks under road crossings, bridge crossings and linear roads. With a high crushing strength, they are also very light components, which can be lifted by a single person (all parts weigh less than 25 kg).

With a very efficient installation method, they do not require concrete jacketing. Consequently, they require narrower trenches, thus decreasing installation time and the number of workers. The ducts for roads enable a better cable arrangement, without the need of spacers. They also make the laying and maintenance procedures easier, and keep the cables safe from rodents.