Applications of FORTIS™ for Highways

In towns and cities FORTIS™  is used extensively in traffic signal and street lighting networks. Alongside Highways and motorways in dry networks for signal and information cabling and in wet networks for drainage and surface water control. MULTIduct™  is also used in Highways to provide under road and bridge crossings.

In towns and cities where signal and lighting networks are laid, footways are often very congested. The FORTIS™ is easy to adapt around other existing buried ducts and cables

On Motorways and Highways where junctions can be kilometres apart forcing long routes for delivery, the ability to be able to fit the maximum amount of chambers on a truck without going over weight is a major plus

With traditional concrete chambers, crash barriers often have to be removed to provide access to the job site, FORTIS™ being light weight can be manually handled over barriers without removal

Other market sectors