Market sectors / applications



Cable turning and joint boxes.FORTISTM chambers can bekitted out with cable and microtube management and jointenclosure fittings. ++ info >>


Cable Rail networks use FORTIS™ extensively on the dry network side for accessing Power, Signalling & Telecoms cables as well as in the wet network providing water attenuation and trackside drainage inspection points. ++ info >>


In towns and cities FORTIS™ is used extensively in traffic signal and street lighting networks. Alongside Highways and motorways in dry networks for signal and information cabling and in wet networks for drainage and surface water control. MULTIduct™ is also used in Highways to provide under road and bridge crossings. ++ info >>


Cable turning and joint boxes and transformer locations. FORTIS™ can be fitted with cable management systems to strap large cables back to the walls and will support a transformer mounting pad with ease. MULTIduct™ and CABLEtrough™ for substation cabling. ++ info >>


From Clean water supply networks, housing valves, hydrants, pumps and meters to Dirty Water systems locating pumps and valves. ++ info >>