Founders and mission


Founders and mission

Unrivalled sector experience

CivilsNet’s Founders have over 100 years’ experience in all aspects of Network Infrastructure Construction. This direct experience is strengthened by a global network of experts in Network Infrastructure Provision, each having more than a decade in their area of expertise.founders

  • The Founders have formed and successfully managed companies serving the diverse needs of the Network Infrastructure Construction Industry.
  • Manufacture of innovative products.
  • Construction JV’s to undertake accelerated construction projects for operators.
  • Engineering Services providing survey, planning and design, as well as digital “as built” data recording.
  • Specialized Installation for commercial offices and residential MDUs. This experience provides CivilsNet a deep understanding of the needs, the challenges and objectives of our Clients and Partners.

Infrastructure is essential for the operation of a nation and its economy.

Infrastructure removes barriers and limits on a Nation developing its resources and helps to build a growing, broad based economy

CivilsNet’s mission

To accelerate delivery of critical Network Infrastructure in Brazil and South America while reducing cost and improving the use of resources. CivilsNet will achieve this through innovative products, engineered for purpose, and through collaboration with other leading companies to continuously improve ways to build and manage valuable Network Infrastructure in the region.

Infrastructure for Telecommunications, Power, Water and Gas Distribution

Only 25 to 30% of the cost of network infrastructure is from the systems components of cables, pipes, valves, pumps, electronics, telemetry and other active system components.

CivilsNet targets reduction of the other 70% to 75% associated with costs of construction equipment, project and construction management, logistics, safety, traffic management, storage, heavy transport and labour.

Reduced waste and inefficiency

Waste and inefficiency has plagued Infrastructure Construction around the globe. CivilsNet products are engineered to enable the latest methodologies that improve the speed and efficiency of Network Infrastructure Construction.

  • Enhance productivity.
  • Improve Build Quality.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Provide both Operators and Contractors a better return on their investment.

logo-brazil‘‘Security of supply for our products is also key, which is why CivilsNet are proud to manufacture our products in Brazil.’’

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