Benefits of FORTIS™


Discover the benefits of FORTIS™


Weighing less than 25kgs, the FORTISTM Access Chamber system can be carried, handled and installed by hand without the need for lifting equipment.

95% lighter than concrete

At about 5% the weight of traditional concrete chambers, it not only improves safety on site but saves a huge amount of fuel and energy required to move it around and get it there.


Cut delays

When compared with concrete, which takes 30 days to cure, we produce comparable sizes at our factory in Brazil in less than an hour;  meaning a greater capacity to fulfil projects quickly.
Moreover, there are no shortcuts in the time from our factory, which have resulted in concrete chambers arriving on some sites still ‘Green’ and very prone to breakage.


The structural twin wall design of the FORTIS™, means it is capable of supporting vertical loads in excess of 40 tonnes (ABNT NBR-10160 D400) without the need for a concrete surround.

Loads comparable with concrete

The interlocking sections also provide a great degree of strength to each other when they are built up. This is further enhanced through the clever design of offset component joints providing a brickwork style of finish. The result is the chamber is much stronger than the sum of its parts. Which in turn provides for lateral side loads being achieved that are comparable with concrete.


40 tones loading !

This strength is not there by accident, but is the result of state of the art Finite Element Analysis FEA design using COSMOSworks.
In addition, the product has been subjected to a rigorous load testing program on our purpose built test press to simulate the kinds of loading an installed chamber will face during its lifetime. With these factors in mind, the FORTIS™ Access Chamber is equally at home when installed in the roadway or sidewalk.


Everything about the design of the FORTIS™ is targeted at speed of construction. Sections are simply built one on top of another until the desired depth is reached.

With the hole dug and prepared, timings as little as 30 minutes can be achieved for installation. Due to the sectional nature of the FORTIS™; retrofit around existing network is also made very easy and quick, even if there are live cables running through it!

FastIncreased productivity


In fact the FORTISTM is so fast, it is possible to install 10 times the quantity of concrete chambers in one day; with the same resource!
Resulting in a more efficient use of managers and crews on site. To match this speed on site, CivilsNet have invested in high speed/ high capacity moulds and machines, producing the FORTISTM in Brazil with the net result being less delays and projects on time.



A unique design feature of the FORTIS is that it can be partially made into ring sections at our factory with the component parts required to finish the other sections and to complete the chamber, flat-packed inside.

The remaining sections can then very quickly and easily be made up on site. This returns huge savings in shipping and storage space.logistics


qualityOff product

Produced on precision tooling from high quality recycled composite polymers.

Consistently produced under tight processes in our ISO9001:2008 certified factory.

Regular in-house product testing.

During and post installation FORTISTM does not suffer from issues that affect concrete like breakages and being installed whilst still ‘Green’.

Off supply

As important as the quality of our product, we also understand the importance in quality of your supply. As projects are constantly plagued by the inability of material suppliers to keep pace with the demand.

Our high speed production process means a typical chamber is produced in 1% of the time of a preformed concrete unit and is ready immediately: it doesn’t need 30 days to cure!



Preservation and improvement of our environment are key goals of CivilsNet and for many reasons, some of which  have already been listed, the FORTISTM system scores highly here over traditional methods.

Made from controlled Recycled and Recyclable material.

5% of the weight = 5% of the energy and fuel required to move it around. Fewer trips to and from store yards and construction sites.

Locally produced in Brazil = Brazilian jobs!

Flatpack ability = Less wasted storage space and fuel per unit in shipping.

Speed of build = Less disruption to the public (your customers) during installation.

More efficient use of resources : 10 times the installation rate!

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