Reduce waste and inefficiency

CivilsNet products are engineered to enable the latest methodologies
that improve the speed and efficiency of Network Infrastructure Construction.


What is a FORTIS™ Chamber?

It is a cutting edge design that offers the ability
to construct network access points consistently and
quickly to a higher quality than traditional methods.

CivilsNet is the leading manufacturer of modular preformed access chamber systems in Brazil.


Installed in as little as 30 minutes. Quicker re-opening of roads, footways or rail tracks.

Strong and safe

Unsupported 60 tonne verticle load achievable. Side loads comparable with concrete. All parts below 25kg.


All chambers are recyclable. Chambers make use of recycled material where possible.

Superior value

No skilled labour or specialists lifing equipment required.

CivilsNet manufacture the only modular and sectional access chambers in Latin and South America. This provides the ultimate in flexibility on-site and means you can tailor our products perfectly to your application.

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